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1. Consultation

The First Step in any Project Begins with a Thorough Consultation. This Initial Step is Simply a Fact-Finding Mission in which the terrain and location of the project and it's projected uses and expectations, as well as the Overall Scope and Budget of the Project are Discussed. A Candid Discussion of Concerns, Needs and Limitations is Critical During this Phase, as They will Directly Influence the Process Moving Forward.

2. Design

Whether Simple or Complex, a Solid and Well Thought Out Design will Pay Dividends That are Hard to Overstate. By Considering the Interplay Between Watershapes, Hardscapes and Landscaping as well as the Adjacent Architecture and Structures, Form and Function can Blend Seamlessly. It is Virtually a Certainty that if You Have Ever Admired a Specific Project Because of its Beauty and/or Function, There was a One-Off Site Specific Professional Design that Made It Possible.
     Azure Gallery has World Class Designers that can Bring Virtually any Desire to Life.

3(a). Construction

Once a Comprehensive Design has Been Completed, We Move into Implementation. When Dealing with Exterior Construction, and Especially when Dealing with Structures That Contain Water, it is Critical That Only Quality Materials and Disciplined Methods and Techniques are Used. It is the Decisions that are Made During Construction that will Determine the Performance and Lasting Beauty of the Project, or the Lack Thereof. Azure Gallery takes Great Pride in the Process of Ensuring that What is Offered to our Clients is Second to None. Most of our Techniques do not Originate in the Pool Industry, where the Focus is Mostly on Sales. Rather, we Focus on Industries like Water Treatment/Chemical FacilitiesWhere Performance, Safety and Durability are Paramount.

3(b). Supervision

The ONLY way to Produce a Project to an Impeccable Standard. Most of What defines a Great Project from a Good Project is Measured in the Details. Details that Dont Show up on a Plan. Details that Cannot be Described over the Phone. There Simply is No Substitute for Expert On-Site Supervision. Quality Must be Extracted from Each Trade and Each Component of a Project. This is not an Easy Process, But it is Very Rewarding. We Feel that our Body of Work Illustrates this Quality for All to See.

4. Orientation

Upon Completion of the Project, You will Receive a Thorough Training of the particulars of Operation of Your New Environment. While Many of The Details of The Project Will already be Familiar to You, We will Walk Through the System Piece by Piece.

5. Warranty/Client Service

The True Mark of a Quality Company is the Manner with Which Warranty Issues are Handled. We Offer Transferrable Structural Warranties that Cover our Projects for Life. We are Also a Pentair Dealer, and as Such, all Equipment Carries a 3 Year Warranty*. Warranty Issues are also a Major Reason Why we put so much Effort into the Construction Phase. A Project that is Assembled in Such a Manner as to Respect the Laws of Physics, ThermoDynamics, Hydraulics, Differential Expansion/Contraction, Fluid Theory and Permeation, has Very Few Issues Going Forward-Just Talk to Our Clients. They Already Know!
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